We are Fountain.

Welcome to our brand new website. Fountain Together is a small group of citizens working to make Fountain, CO, a more communal and sustainable place to live. As significant events and issues arise throughout our world, we strive to embody our goal by maintaining a hometown spirit.

Below you will find our newsletters. Please look around and contact us if you have any questions.

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Outreach Questions:

Fountain Together Logo v1.png

Where do you see Fountain in 30 years?

What is your favorite thing about Fountain?

What is your main concern in Fountain?

What areas most interest you, health, schools, environment, recycling, transportation, other?

Are you interested in a free tree seedling?

Would you be willing to consider the pollinator pledge at peopleandpollinators.org?

Are you interested in a pollinator garden, Colorado wildflower seeds?

Are you available to donate time?

Do you have any resources/skills that you would benefit the group?

Do you have kids, seniors, pets at home?

Do you have a garden?

What does sustainability mean to you?